Chapter Housing

Shared living accommodations and group living are among the cornerstones of the collegiate experience. Where else can you enjoy the comforts of home, your friends close by, safety in numbers and a smart budget solution for living on or close to campus? Whether it be dedicated residence halls or a traditional sorority house, Kappa Delta provides you with new opportunities to learn, grow and most of all… have fun!


Why live in the Kappa Delta house on Maple Street?


Although our house at the University of Arkansas is at the end of sorority row, it is much closer than many other housing opportunities in the Fayetteville area.  You will also always find a sister to accompany you on your walk to class!  Aside from the on-campus location, there are so many other positives to living with your sisters in the Kappa Delta house.  From studying to sisterhood, there are always opportunities to bond and make lasting friendships. 

Within the Kappa Delta house, there is a full-time cleaning staff that tends to the common areas and bathrooms, as well as a full-time cooking staff that makes daily meals for the sisters living in-house and for the sisters and their guests on Fiesta Friday.  The Kappa Delta house has a strict no tolerance policy regarding drugs, weapons, open flame, or alcohol at any time within the house or on its property.  The house is completely safe, locked 24/7 with a key fob entry.

As we Kappa Deltas place a strong emphasis on academics, we have dedicated study areas, study groups, class note sharing, computer availibility, quiet hours, and full-house internet wiring which all contribute to a positive environment in which to study.

It is also so affordable to live in the Kappa Delta house on campus!  It is less expensive than dorm housing as well as off-campus living when you consider utilities, gas, furniture, kitchenware, groceries, and parking fees.

And above all, it's so much fun!  You will make memories to last a lifetime while living in house.  Your fondest memories of Kappa Delta will occur in the chapter house, and you don't want to miss out!